WB Hand Logo Socks
WB Hand Logo Socks

WB Hand Logo Socks

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  • Bruh
  • WB Socks?!
  • Took us long enough, huh?
  • These are wild
  • Like crazy radical
  • Nicest socks I've ever owned
  • The material is so soft
  • Like softer than clouds
  • Don't ask how I know what clouds feel like...
  • No printing on the socks (don't have to worry about them fading in the wash)
  • The logo's are actually made into the socks
  • Like super crazy good quality
  • Material allows for maximum breathability 
  • Each pack comes with three pairs of socks
  • One of each color: red, white, and black
  • Super limited
  • Gang gang
  • #StayFunky
  • Watch a video on them here
WB Hand Logo Socks