Welcome to Wrestle Boutique!

Wrestle Boutique was first founded in October of 2016. Founder, Connor Boike, was only beginning his first year of college at the University of Michigan when his idea sparked.

Connor had been heavily involved in the underground wrestling market, the FunkyFlickrBoyz, throughout his middle school and high school career. During this time, he accumulated over 500 different pairs of wrestling shoes and countless singlets/wrestling pieces. At the end of his senior year of high school, Connor decided it would be best to retire from wrestling competition after recently being diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. He sold all of the wrestling gear which he accumulated throughout his career. Several months later, this money was used to set the foundation of Wrestle Boutique.

Not only was Connor a vintage wrestling shoe guru, but he was also an avid sneakerhead throughout high school. A sneakerhead is one who buys, sells, and trades street shoes (Jordan's, Yeezy's, etc.). Through sneakers, Connor developed a strong appreciation for pop-culture and the resale markets. "Wouldn't it be cool if the sport of wrestling had gear which resembled our pop culture?", he thought. "Would it be possible to create a wrestling gear brand which had resale value beyond the initial retail value?", he often wondered.

The idea was quite simple to Connor. He seamlessly combined his two passions. His love for wrestling and gear merged with pop-culture and resale attributes to create Wrestle Boutique.

How is Wrestle Boutique different? There are several different wrestling gear companies out there. However, Wrestle Boutique is the only wrestling gear company which has devoted its products to a pop-culture feel. Going with this, Wrestle Boutique has provided an exclusive feel to the brand. All Wrestle Boutique products are extremely limited. They often sell out within minutes. Econ 101, when supply is low and demand is high, price rises. Don't worry, Wrestle Boutique doesn't raise the price. Wrestle Boutique has built a strong resale market around its name. Once our products sell out, they are often seen on the underground markets for 2-3 times the original price. No other wrestling companies follow this model. It is important to note that with our extremely low quantities, quality is our number one goal. We provide the best for the best.

What has Wrestle Boutique done since October 2016? Since we began, we have already released three different model WB wrestling shoes. We've released many different singlets and other gear. It is important to note that all sold out within minutes. We've grown to 12k followers on Instagram. We've been featured on FloWrestling several times. We have collaborated with PinCancer to release a WB x PC collection which will result in several thousand dollars being donated to cancer research.

The Future
Wrestle Boutique is just getting started. We have prototypes being tested for several new models. We've been exploring the movements, dynamics, and physics of the sport to help revolutionize wrestling shoes and gear. The future of Wrestle Boutique is pretty wild...