About us

Wrestle Boutique was founded in the year of 2016. Our founder, Connor Boike, had an idea that would change the wrestling-gear culture forever. Connor had been an avid "sneaker head" in both the wrestling and fashion market for several years. After he retired from the sport of wrestling, he wanted to find a way to stay in contact with the sport. And that my friends, is how it all began. He took his knowledge within both the wrestling cultureĀ and the fashion culture and WABAM, Wrestle Boutique was created. Here at Wrestle Boutique, our goal is support the prestigious wrestler. All of our gear is centered around the values of pop culture, uniqueness, individuality, and quality. At this time, we would like to give a shoutout to the Funky Flickr Boyz community. Connor has labeled himself as a "Funky Flickr Boy" for about six years now. He has made a promise to both himself and his community that he would always support them with the FUNKIEST gear! Thank you for having interest in Wrestle Boutique. Stay Funky.