Wrestling: A Sport of Many Lessons


Wrestling: A Sport of Many Lessons

By: Shayne Tierney

Wrestling is truly the greatest sport of all time. We have compiled a list of different lessons that wrestlers have agreed were taught to them through the sport of wrestling.


Wrestling Teaches:

1. Discipline 

2. Humility 

3. Perseverance 

4. Composure

5. Confidence 

6. A different sense of swagger

7. Heart

8. Instinct

9. Intensity 

10. Motivation from within 

11.  How to overcome adversity 

12. How to work towards one goal despite the circumstances 

13. How to accept defeat 

14. How to turn a loss into a lesson 

15. Healthy habits 

16. How to handle ups and downs

17. How to be different 

18. How to standout 

19. How to be your owns biggest fan yet your own biggest critic at the same time

20. A drive to be great


This is just a small number of the many lessons wrestling teaches. Leave one of your own personal lessons from wrestling in the comments below! 

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  • Love the list!

    • Jeremy
  • Interrelated to others already stated, To discover you have more intestinal fortitude than you ever believed you could have.

    • Kerry otis
  • Number one is how wrestling helps established grit.

    • Nick Shorr