The Wrestle Boutique x PinCancer Collection

The Wrestle Boutique x PinCancer collection will be releasing August 12th and August 13th at PinCancer Nationals. This tournament is taking place in Easton, Pennsylvania. At this time, we only plan to release the collection at this tournament.

This collection is significant in many ways.

  • 25% of all proceeds will go towards cancer research and kicking cancer's behind
  • The WB1.5 x PC is the first ever collaboratively produced wrestling shoe releasing to the public
  • This is the first ever wrestling collection which will be exclusively sold at a wrestling tournament 
  • The collection is expected to help raise several thousand dollars alone
  • The collection features Box Logo T-Shirts, Singlets, and Wrestling Shoes
  • The collection is VERY limited
  • Several pieces of the collection are expected to sell for 2-3x more than retail

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