The 10 Commandments of Wrestling Swag

The 10 Commandments of Wrestling Swag

By: Shayne Tierney

 We have come up with the "10 Commandments of Wrestling Swag". If you follow these commandments, you are guaranteed to look good on the mat! Remember to always #StayFunky!

10. Always shower, wash your clothes, and smell good. A smelly wrestler = a swagless wrestler.

9. Anything that is loose gets tucked in. Pants tucked into socks = swag. Make sure your socks aren’t too high and NO ANKLE SOCKS.

8. No double kneepads. Period.

7. Any headgear that is close to the original cliff keen headgear is swag. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CHINCUP! 

6. Make sure your singlet is nice and tight. A loose singlet will instantly make you look like a scrub. 

5. Be very careful about mismatching brands. If you’re wearing Nike shoes, wear Nike socks. If you’re wearing WB shoes, wear WB socks. 

4. Confidence is a major key. The more confident you are, the more swag you have. If you are confident in yourself and your style, then you more than likely will have swag. 

3. Stick out! Don’t be mainstream and wear the same type of things that everyone else is wearing. Get cool shoes but not the shoes that everyone else has. Be different from other people. 

2. Leg-sleeves are the new wave, only wear on one leg though!

1. Wear Wrestle Boutique gear, duh. 

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  • Do you have new sleeve

    • Dawson Renna
  • Nothing like no show socks with Velcro shoes, double ankle pads, and the brute turtle shell headgear while constantly pulling your singlet down to your knees…

    • Jake