Ten Reasons Every Person Should Wrestle

Ten Reasons Every Person Should Wrestle
By: Shayne Tierney

10. Wrestling is a base sport of athleticism for all sports

9. Wrestling is a great way for father/mother, son/daughter bonding & can be passed through multiple generations

8. Wrestling is a great community and many great connections can be made throughout the sport

7. Wrestling teaches many great life lessons, such as ; discipline,perseverance, heart, among many others

6. Wrestling can promote a healthy lifestyle for kids

5. Wrestling provides and outlet for many kids, allowing them a healthy way to get out their inner conflicts and anger

4. Teaches kids how to defend themselves from bullying or any other fishy situations they may get put in

3. A wrestler has a better chance to get a position in a company than a non wrestler does

2. Wrestling shapes many successful people

1. It is the greatest sport ever created

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