Shoes for Wrestler's OFF the Mat

Shoes for Wrestler's OFF the Mat
By: Shayne Tierney

Shoes are more than the fabric you wear on your feet. Shoes are a form of status, a form or being a member of a group, a way to express yourself. Different individuals and types of athletes have their very own special brands created specifically just for them. Basketball players have Jordans, retros, and many other street shoes that are made for them. Skaters have vans. Sneakerheads have Yeezys and other high end shoes with high resale value. Runners have Nike,Adidas, Brooks, Under Armour, plus countless other shoes made just for them. While all these athletes and certain groups of people have their own shoes created just for them, the wrestling community has not had a shoe made for them to wear OFF the mat... until now.

Wrestle Boutique continues to revolutionize the wrestling culture. They bring a unique, exclusive, pop-culture-inspired aspect to the wrestling world. This weekend they will Be revolutionizing the sport with the  “Funkrunners.” In releasing these shoes, Wrestle Boutique brings wrestlers all across the world a lightweight, ultra comfortable, super fresh, super FUNKY shoe designed for  all their needs OFF the mat. This is the only shoe of its kind!  These shoes are extremely limited, if you cop a pair of these you are guaranteed to be the funkiest, most fresh person wherever they go. 

The new “Peppermint” Funkrunners are dropping this Saturday at 1:00 PM ET . Make sure to be fast. Good luck and #StayFunky! 


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