Rules of Wrestling Swag

1. Always wear Wrestle Boutique merchandise, shoes, etc.

2. Do not clash brands (Nike shoes and Adidas socks, etc.) 

*#2 Exception* Polo socks (and MAYBE nike socks) go with all shoes

3. Wear cool shoes. If you don't have any cool shoes buy some off this website ;)! 

4. Wear crew socks. NEVER WEAR ANKLE SOCKS.

5. Make sure your singlet is nice and tight. Nothing screams "scrub" more than a loose singlet.

6. Move your singlet up on your legs. Halfway between your hips and knee's is a good reference.

7. Any headgear that looks similar to the CK Classic Headgear is "swag". 

8. Chin cup is a must.

9. Tattoo = +100 swag level

10. Mullet= +100 swag level

11. Only bleach/color hair for state tournament

12. Mustache= +100 swag level

13. Tuck in everything you possibly can. Sweatpants tucked in socks= major swag

14. Taking a shower the morning before a tournament= swag. Smelly people= no swag.

15. Perfecting your prematch intimidation techniques =swag. (The stare-down,bouncing up and down, pacing back and forth, etc.)

16. Finally, did I mention rocking Wrestle Boutique stuff?

17. "No double kneepads" -@Parker_Decker12


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