Press Release: Wrestle Boutique Acquires Funky Flickr Boyz

Ann Arbor, Michigan. December 13th, 2019. - Wrestle Boutique is getting even more funky! Today, Wrestle Boutique, the wrestling gear company most known for its limited releases and quick sell-out times, proudly announces that it has acquired Funky Flickr Boyz. Funky Flickr Boyz is a wrestling gear provider stemming from the Funky Flickr Boyz community.

 “I have been a part of the Funky Flickr Boyz community since I was twelve years old,” said Wrestle Boutique founder Connor Boike. “I’ve spent countless hours communicating and forming relationships with wrestlers all across the world through this community. Other kids wore normal clothes to school, I wore Funky Flickr Boyz gear. It is a dream come true to now run the company,” continued Boike. “I cannot wait to get started and grow Funky Flick Flickr Boyz and Wrestle Boutique into a wrestling gear powerhouse.”

The acquisition is for an undisclosed amount. It gives Wrestle Boutique unlimited access to Funky Flickr Boyz intellectual property and resources in perpetuity.

“For me, it was a no-brainer when presented with the opportunity,” said Boike. “Funky Flickr Boyz has already impacted wrestling culture in indescribable ways. I believe that the synergies between Wrestle Boutique and Funky Flickr Boyz will allow us to further push this cultural impact. I have plans to produce the first ever Funky Flickr Boyz wrestling shoes and more!”

Bryce Meredith, Wrestle Boutique signature athlete, is especially excited about the acquisition. “Ever since I signed with WB it has truly been an incredible learning experience. It’s not every day businesses give the athletes freedom to voice their opinions and be creative throughout the whole process. WB is always looking to expand and influence the wrestling world in a way that’s never been done. It’s truly remarkable the things they’ve been able to do so far, I can’t wait to see what they do with Funky Flickr Boyz.

Funky Flickr Boyz will be releasing its first collection of items, “Capsule: Winter 2019”, this Sunday, December 15th, at 6:00PM ET on funkyflickrboyzgear.com. This collection features three wrestling shoe models, singlets, bags, socks, hoodies, and socks.

“This is a very calculated and thought out decision,” Boike concluded. “I am extremely confident and excited in the team we have and our plans for the future.”

About Funky Flickr Boyz

Funky Flickr Boyz is widely known throughout the wrestling community as being at the cornerstone of wrestling gear and wrestling culture. Funky Flickr Boyz blossomed from an online wrestling community around 10 years ago. This community now consists of tens of thousands of wrestlers all across the world who interact, form relationships, talk wrestling, and buy/sell/trade wrestling gear with one another. The community is centered around promoting creativity, exclusivity, and uniqueness in the wrestling community. With all of this being said, the Funky Flickr Boyz Gear brand embodies this community: creative, exclusive, and unique.

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